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Tips for selecting wigs for cancer patients

Hair loss is one of the most common after effect of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Fighting with cancer in itself is a very difficult task. Over that when you have to face this added stigma of hair loss it becomes more burdensome. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is using wigs for cancer patients. Loss of hair is considered as most the patients as loss in confidence and self identity. Hair loss affects many especially women, they feel depressed and lack in confidence. Many of them isolate themselves and start living a life away from the public. This depresses them further. However, quality hair wigs can help one to elevate this confidence level and help cancer patients to live a normal life. It is true that the many of the cancer patients after chemotherapy get free hair wigs but this does not look natural. Hence it attracts more attention than hair loss and baldness. So choosing the best wigs which are undetectable and natural is very important. Here are some tips for those who are considering buy hair wigs after chemotherapy:

1. Wig Selection

It is always recommended to start looking for wigs before chemotherapy starts. This way you can match your current hairstyle and color. Hence, wig selection becomes very important.

2. Wig Caps

Wig caps are mainly used to protect the sensitive heads and provide extra cushion to protect your head. Wigs caps are also important to keep the wigs intact so that it does not slip off.

3. Wig Types

Wigs can be made out of different types i.e. Synthetic fiber, Human Hair (Natural Hair) or the combination of both. Synthetic fiber wigs are most popular as they are light weighted, easy to wear and moderately priced.

4. Wig Maintenance

Wigs require regular maintenance. A wig should be washed after 7-10 days. Brush it regularly to remove all the tangles and wash it with cool water with a mild shampoo. Blot it with towel and hang it dry overnight. I hope this helps in deciding before buying any wig especially for the cancer patients. Ladies wig are more in demand and needs to have special care and maintenance. Thanks for reading through!